Truly Scrumptious.

I found these treats late last week & just HAD to share them.

The English Cheesecake Company makes the most amazing looking cheesecakes I think my two blue eyes have ever seen, they even do wedding cakes.

The other company is Choccywoccydoodah. These guys do chocolate to the max, almost too good to eat. I stress the almost. 🙂


Other things to add today, the shindig on the radio went


, really really loved it & I’m sorry for all those that tuned in & just got Hit 40 UK. Turns out it was pre-recorded & will be played at 9:15pm this coming Sunday (14th Feb). So tune in &/or download the podcast please!


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Listen to the radio…

TODAY Sick Phelix are on KLFM at 4.30pm, performing live in the studio exclusive acoustic versions of our tracks! Tune in on

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As it says in my ‘About’, I’m in a band called Sick Phelix. We’re a four-piece from Norfolk & are all about having a whale of a time playing music.

The line up includes:
Phebe Donovan (vocals, keyboard)
Sami Yusuf (guitar)
Ben Stanhope (bass, vocals)
Alex Lowe (drums)

We’ve been about for nearly a year now & do a mixture of covers & originals in our setlist & just love doing what we do.

Check us out:

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The dreaded E word. Seriously, I hate them. Last one tomorrow however so it’s not so bad. There’s uproar today on the OCR Biology A Level though, apparently it was ridiculous – something to do with a seal?

This was one response on Facebook:

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Uni, Uni, Uni…

Tell you what I am getting from every angle possible: University. Open days, prospectuses, courses, registering, PORTFOLIOS. With me wanting to do ‘le photography’, it means with every Uni i apply to, I have to go through an interview & bring along a portfolio. GAHH. This includes a load of sketchbooks explaining why I took these pictures & how I came about taking them. The answer “because I wanted to” springs to mind, but I think I’m gonna have to come up with something a little better than that. There are some reasons behind some of the shots but not all of them. We’ll see. Here’s some I’ve picked from my back catalogue so far:

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